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7th, March 2011

Feeder line: Halifax Port Authority view Canso: Superport master plan envisions bulk, including Donkin coal.Mountain Division: Trail advocates want MDOT to halt track work. (Subscribe for full story.)

15th, December 2010

Truck size and weight: Maine, Vermont weight increases will end this year; Mike Smith on committee. NEGS: Dearness has one customer at Canterbury. If ST would provide promised service, he could get more. (Subscribe for full stories.)

31st, October 2010

PW: Repairs moving ahead on Willimantic Branch, to allow ethanol there. Maine lumber: Pleasant River Lumber not using rail right now. SLR: MDOT will buy from Yarmouth to Danville Junction. Davisville: Spending of TIGER I grant will begin with rail work near the port. (Subscribe for full stories.)

What is the Atlantic Northeast?

txtdate This term denotes the region of North America containing the six New England states, the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, as well as Quebec east of Montreal and south of the St.Lawrence River. The region has an economic and cultural unity shaped in part by its transportation. Almost entirely surrounded by water, it has just three land choke points at its western boundary through which it is connected to the North American continent: Montreal, Albany, and New York. Read More>>

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